Landed on my toes of the injured foot and felt a pain throughout my leg. Put weight on the leg, and felt a burning sensation in the back. But I know a lot of people fall and slip during the during the nwb stage! I had a similar scare like yours earlier on where it felt like a muscle stretch gone a bit too far. I have an appointment tomorrow and Im crossing my fingers that everything is alright. Im 3.5 weeks post op in hard cast and was doing well. (During surgery. All was great, pain subsiding seven days out and my knee scooter caught the edge of a rug in the kitchen and down goes Frazier! i was using the scooter with no boot and list my balance and put all my weight on the surgery foot. 10 days post surgery after a complete rupture. All in all I'd say things couldn't be going better. Yes. AJ, Im sure youre fine! Turns out I sprained my ankle, but did not injure the tendon. Still NWB and using a knee scooter. Am now 4 weeks post surgery. Like you all, I had instant shock, but its since went away. Came down south for the holidays, my kids got scooters for Xmas so Jackass me was outside with them and scooting alongside. Full blow absorbed on my repaired foot, hurt pretty bad tingling and throbbing on the interior and posterior heal. Today is exactly 2 weeks since the surgery and I feel that a lot of progress has been made. He actually is a very good Dr in the most respected and qualified facility in town so I'm at a loss on this. New bleeding occured. The shoe should remain on until seen in the office for your first post-op visit. was very encouraging and relieving. This x-ray on the left shows a foot with severe arthritis of the bunion joint , and less arthritis of the smaller toe joints. Full weight on foot before falling to the ground. The surgeon will then correct the big toe joint using screws or pins. Thanks again, wish me luck. Well I am adding to the list of people doing more than we should a week out of the repair and anchors put in. My Achilles rupture was an a full insertional retraction where the tendon came disconnected from the calcaneus or heel and so my surgery was a little different than others. Torn my Achilles and I was exactly 1 week of surgery and still in my soft Wishing everyone all the best and feeling 100% ASAP! There was immediate pain and tightness as if I had over extended the Achilles and I immediately sat down and raised the leg up. I did LV. Had surgery on 4-9 pain has been bad nwb so so Im in a hard boot. Even if they didnt I think Ill stick with the booth because I dont want to wake up and accidentally do something like put too much weight etc when Im half asleep so I keep the boot on but much looser. Im much more slower in my movements now and am limiting myself a lot more. The severe pain only lasted a minute, and my pain/swelling was a little above baseline that night. I just did something similar and I am scared! Just gotta trust the process and keep doing my physio exercises. I would have went to the nearest hospital or urgent care, oh please let me know what the doc says. I followed Dr orders exactly as far as no weight bearing and keeping it elevated. I went to close window so Im hopping over very short distance while bracing myself on furniture on my way back went to sit down and put all my weight On injured foot omg . I also have PTTD symptoms in my better foot, and I can't imagine doing this again. Good luck! (I know. what kind of a foot specialist hasn't got a backup plan if machine breaks?) Hi, my name is Denis and Im 27 years old. After about 2 hrs I got up to use knee scooter and there was definitely more pain at incision as well as tingling in my foot. I have a bivalve fiberglass cast and I am 2.5 weeks post surgery and had an accident yesterday. i have a The pain is probably from the trauma of it. Felt a painful tearing sensation. In more advanced stages, some patients also develop osteoarthritis The longer the joint is crooked and the longer the joint is mal-aligned, the greater the chance for the person to develop arthritis. Second surgery was open then a week later I had to get a third surgery to debride a hematoma. Interesting how it differs. As such, doing complete nwb feels impossible. Recurrence may happen if the bunion isnt fully corrected at the time of surgery or if the wrong bunion procedure was used. Hey Rick, congrats on weening off the boot. I actually had another fall yesterday believe it or not. By the way, this may not appear as using my partner's email, he just got notice that the email was invalid--I'm typing this on my computer, not his. Katie Price underwent surgery on her foot earlier this month, with the procedure said to have involved taking screws out which had been inserted in response to her having smashed her feet in 2020. It makes walking normaly on it seeem dangerous & unstable & generally uncomfortable & painful if you bend it before the joint stiffness clears up. Does anyone of you had the same experience or do you you know whether just using the heel with full extended leg to plant would make it worse or better? Inserting hardware is an imperfect science because everyone displaces stress differently on their feet, so what might work for one person may cause pain with another. The dressing will need to be changed frequently, and even more often if it becomes damp with fluid or blood or becomes soiled. Im worried I stepped forward and pulled On the tendon. Your foot will be bandaged to hold the toes in the correct position with dressings in place to cover the wound and the stitches, or occasionally your foot may be in a cast. Because I accidentally landed on my foot getting out of bed without my boot it cause the gap and now Im schedule for another surgery. I fell while navigating up a small set of stairs on the front porch. The doctor does not open till tomorrow so I have to just wait it out. Better Choices For Hip Surgery - And Faster Healing And Recovery, Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones: Review Of Orthopedic Surgery Android Apps. Thanks. Wow this is the blog Ive been looking for. Feeling throbbing pain but can move toes etc. Saw the doc today and all was well after the mishap. My healing was going well and I managed to not put any pressure on the affected leg until today. I was told a minimum of 56 days NWB. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register. Hi all, Im 14 days post op and in a cast and just about an hour ago I lost balance on my scooter and fell on my nwb leg. Unfortunately the x-ray machine was down so I must wait until another day for that. All rights reserved. Apparently it wasnt even holding my Achilles together anymore, my body was trying to get rid of it. Patients are in a cast for two weeks and then must return to have their sutures removed. How is your foot feeling now, and your wrist and your hip? If youre worried about possible problems, you can talk to a specialist at LuxeFoot Surgery clinic. Bunion surgery is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can return home the same day. But these slips and falls are common and usually ok when in a cast/splint/boot, it would seem. After, I had a throbbing pain in my lower calf that lasted about 20 minutes. Felt a sharp pain for a few min and then it settled in; now mostly feeling light throbbing pain. Should I call doctor? Osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis) is not alleviated by surgery. Update: Saw ortho today and had cast removed. I am seeing my doctor in a few days but I am terribly worried that I screwed the whole thing up. Registered in England and Wales. It will be 10 weeks after my first surgery. i originally plan on waiting a year for it to heal up then doing my other foot. Physio has given me some low pressure exercises to do daily and is encouraging me to put around 10% of pressure on the injured leg, when I walk. Im two week post surgery and I was getting out of my car and lost balance. This is day 16 post-op for me. Wishing you all a speedy recovery! Just gonna take it one day at a time, but I cant wait to start walking again lol. I have my 2 weeks follow-up in a week. Im on my 5 days post surgery, when my crutches slipped i accidenttaly put my cast non weight bearing on floor as part of my reflect, im so shocked but thank god i found this forum, open stitches schedule still away on aug 6th so finger crossed x ), I'm using my partner's email because this server would not let me register. I was just hoping that the pop feeling I felt was my incision and maybe part of a stitch? I dont know how much weight I put on it. So happy I didnt do any damage except for a bit of pain but I can manage. Just curious anyone who re-ruptured your Achilles did you feel lots of pain afterwards? Katie Price was spotted leaving the doctors just days ago with a bandage on her left foot, after undergoing surgery on it recently as part of her recovery from an old injury. 6 more wks of nwb. I have been completely off crutches for maybe two months. Now that Im in air walking boot, he did say to take it easy with WBing since area is already stressed/sore and not to over due it. Any input will be helpful. For another data point, I did the same thing 4-5 days ago. Right now 4 hrs later it still stings burns. I dont have my next appointment for another 10 days. It was pretty quick but still left me feeling traumatized. Mine hurt like heck after I fell on it, but since the pain went away I wasnt too concerned that I did anything serious. I have my athletic shoes with orthotics on my (better) foot all day. A little over two weeks, i went out to start my truck and pressed on my clutch.bad move, but the pain went away pretty quickly. Rob, I agree with Rick - lots of people experience a little slip during that period and its scary to think you might have screwed up (I had the same experience). Looking for some feedback/advice. Woke up the next day with marked improvement, however still discomfort at incision site. Im hoping I see some quick improvement! Had trouble with wound healing so they silver nitrated the trouble spots for over a month, to the point where one of the stitches holding my Achilles together was poking out and had to be removed. It was painful when it happened, but no pain after that. That's progress! I saw your post that you have written in February and I had a very similar incident. It comes just days after she is believed to have undergone the procedure to remove metal work from her foot. I am a little overweight and my Dr was worried about how I would handle getting around but I've done great. Thank you all for sharing these stories to help others stay calm. I was getting out of bed and accidentally slid and put some weight on my foot. The results are generally excellent for reducing joint pain and allowing increased activity.Using surgical engineering, we are able to get the big toe joint to bend again, saving many such arthritic joints. I emailed surgeon and left VM with nurse but no call back yet. As I get more mobile, I keep reminding myself to take care and slow down if I start rushing. As far as I know there are no metal pieces in my foot. He had our roommate cook every dinner and he took care of the rest. LoL. And the most frequent treatment for bunions is this one. I thought all that work healing, elevating, icing, for nothing! Hopefully the foot is OK! I have my follow up in 4 days. While its always risky to draw conclusions with a sample of one, I do think that the casts and boots do a great job of providing protection. Anthony, I still sleep in my boot since Im NWB for a couple more weeks. I had my hard cast taken off about a week, but it had an extreme sharp edge on it that went against my calf and had to come off, so i was put in a boot. I'm doing lots of walking trying to prepare. Read Also: Orthopedic Boots For Broken Foot. Today is 1 day after surgery this just happened to me.. For me the tingling in my big toe, heel and middle front pad of foot has subsided. I havent seen many stories exactly like mine on here so Im hoping you guys can make me feel better about what happened. I fractured my heel on 3/23/19 calcaneus . That one hurt a little. How was it the first time you stepped on it? Upgrade to Patient Pro Medical Professional? It will dramatically decrease your pain and swelling. Extremely anxious but hopefully Ill also be once again on the road to recovery. If I had to guess, Id say I didnt re-rupture it, but it was definitely enough of a fall to freak me out. Felt a whole lot of pain and burning. Freaking out thinking I re re-reptured or harmed it in anyway. Im a little worried I did some damage or worse re-tore the Achilles. Now the tendon doesnt hurt, but it hurts a bit higher up, I guess near the calf muscle. A good clinician will be able to tell a lot. It scared me quite a bit but reading these calmed me a little. i took a little spill a bit ago.., felt lots of pain in my ankle but thats all so far. I do risk by doing it and I probably should just put it on when doing any waking. Hopefully my other foot goes great, its scheduled for November 7th. It is mostly noticeable when I've been up a bit and it swells. rest of us. Good luck! After surgery, you will wait in a recovery room for one to two hours until your surgeon determines you are safe to leave. Hey all, I figured Id add to this thread as well. Im 4 weeks post op from heal spur removal and Achilles tendon lengthening. Today, went to get on the knee scooter and misjudged. it seems like, from my read through of the comments above, the main people that thad re-rupture were ones who fell getting out of the shower or bed and didnt have any type of protection. The stitches were not harmed, the wound healed nicely, and there was no swelling. Now, i dont now if im going crazy or something but sometimes when im too good like feeling fine without thinking in the injury I just panic thinking if I get distracted and did something I shouldnt and try to remember if I felt any pain. Use of the forums is subject to our Terms of Use Still need some strengthening, but life is almost back to normal now other than not yet back into sports. Armor always on! Been running my fingers up and down the tendon and it feels to me, intact. Both continued to get worse the rest of day. Im really worried Im on my 3rd week and I slipped from the scooter and put my weight for a second or two on my foot. it seems like the boot/splint just prevent your leg from moving enough to actually re-rupture. I am in a walking boot and air brace at night. Bunion surgery is normally done as an out-patient, meaning you arrive at hospital a couple of hours before your surgery and are discharged later that day. I didnt hear or feel a pop like I did when I did it the first time, Martin, Im guessing you have a huge cast on your leg yet? My tear was just above my ankle, roughly in the middle. This seems to be the little oasis we all find after googling accidentally put weight on foot after achilles surgery..ha! Has any one else experienced this with non-detrimental results? In both cases I experienced the same electric tingle that has been described in previous posts, though not much pain. Im one week post op and while I was at work, I attempted to sit down and the chair slipped and I naturally placed my injured foot down and boy was I in a lot of pain. Im in a cast for another 3 weeks till I see the doc to get it off. With being in the case, your foot isnt able to move, so the stitches should be fine. He said he tried the suture kit to start, but it didnt hold, so he made another incision and sewed it up old school, whatever that means. He describes the procedure in greater detail in an article in Podiatry Today. I hope ALL OF YOU have the best recovery possible, and thanks so much for sharing!! Brain thank you. Hopefully i didnt damage my tendon or wound. My foot is doing a lot better. Was multitasking on my scooter and lost my center of balance and fell forward. Martin, did you have a follow up visit? Have hard cast on, lost my balance and for a couple of seconds hopped on toe touch foot. I was in immense pain and agony and it felt like a ripping and tingling sensation, and the paranoid side of me was thinking I pray to god I didnt just re-tear my achilles after all my progress! I had to wait 2 days to see my doctor as I was getting ready to be placed in a boot and the anxiety ate me alive lol. I felt tingling in the toes but no pain really. If youre experiencing problems with bunions or with your feet in any way, were here to help. And one of the most important things to have in mind is to find the best possible doctor because dealing with some screw problems can easily turn this non-invasive procedure into disaster and cause even bigger problems after bunion surgery. WebThe amount of pain experienced after bunion surgery is different from one person to the next. He said he could have pulled me off the operating table by my foot and it wouldnt have come apart. Webaccidentally stepped on foot after bunion surgery5 types of digging in volleyball accidentally stepped on foot after bunion surgery. Last night I slipped and put all weight on nwb foot. One time I felt a ripping and the second time just pain in the tendon and toes (pain the first time too). I'm feeling much better about my surgery on 11/7 now. Also the cast and stocking are black so I have no idea how to tell for sure. Sharing my story since Ive been helped by all the other stories here: 10 days after my surgery I put my full weight on the leg while I was in a cast. An MP joint replacement is similar to a hip joint replacement. Might be that youre testing your Achilles more than i am though. Called the docs office and left a message with the nurse. Im a really big person (300+) and put all my weight on it and still did not tear it. Then later that day one of my crutches slipped out from under me on some slippery concrete in an underground garage, and I put weight on the injured foot again. Right now my achilles is in no pain. Instinctively put my bad foot down to stop a fall, then fell back in the chair. I woke up today feeling much better with almost no pain. Was moving around the house with my crutches, and one of my crutches gave way after I placed it on a piece of material that was lying on the floor tiles. I felt a pop (but it wasnt the same snap that I felt when I initially ruptured my achilles) I didnt feel the punch in the calf that I felt initially either. So far every thread but one makes me feel mentally better. It was a really weird feeling putting a shoe on that foot today. I was 5 days way to get into my hard cast so I didnt contact the Doc and wait and stress it out was my descion, did a bunch of research and drove me even more crazy. Anyway at some point I put down the wrong foot! Good call, Greg, thats how I found this comment section a few weeks ago as well. I had my first PT session today and went from 0% weight bearing on a scooter to walking on one crutch with 60% weight on the foot! Its a few hours later now and there is still some throbbing on the Achilles. Just want to post my story in case others discover this thread looking for some information. Instinctively, my nwb leg reached out to catch my fall. Sounds like a great plan. Felt a ton of pain but no ripping feeling; more like a tough pull from my calf to my Achilles. Instinctively I fully extended my bad leg and used only my heel to plant. Patient is a UK registered trade mark. Will be far more careful from now on. I felt a pain and a stretching sensation that went up into my upper calf, but no pop or tearing that I could discern. The main reason I am worrisome is the pain is mostly in my heal where my sutures are reconnecting my tendon. When I asked about the tears or ripping feeling in my leg, he mentioned theres a good chance I overstretched my calf muscles as theyre so tight. It is a weird feeling. My dr had xrays done to make sure nothing moved out of place however I do have a screw that is in my bone where theyve realigned it so it can mend back he said it looks like nothing moved. Initially, there was some discomfort on back of achilles near incision and didnt think a ton of it. Historically, these procedures have been performed through large incisions, but at HSS, I have perfected two special techniques to correct bunions through tiny incisions. Paul, for being 2.5 months post op are you able to walk again with no problem? Posted Long game. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. I felt something that I could describe as a stretching or a ripping feeling, and now I have some pain in the incision area.
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